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We absolutely love them!

My son keeps his shoes on all day long lol. They keep his feet warm, they are adorable too! We get so many compliments.

Good quality shoes

My son was an early walker and these really helped him stay stable as they aren’t too heavy but still protect his little feet while he adventured around the yard. Highly recommend :)

Best product I brought online

This photo speaks for itself, we are absolutely in love with these slippers 🥰 We recommend them to literally every parent. They are so cheap, and SOO convenient. We slip them on in the morning and have peace of mind all day knowing our babies walk with confidence and their feet are safe. All my kids have loved wearing these shoe-socks, no troubles at all, they hesitate to take them off a lot of the time! Give these a shot, you will end up buying as many as we did 😂

Love it! Super easy to put on

Love it! Super easy to put the slip on. Comfy and the rubber sole makes it less noisy and easy on our neighbors below who’s been banging on our ceiling because my toddler’s footstep is too noisy for them. Also with our hardwood, this shoes has saved my son from slipping.
I didn’t follow the size chart. My son is 12 months so i ordered 12-18 months and they were a perfect fit!

Worth the money

I was skeptical at first but after getting a second hand pair to try, I decided it was well worth the money to buy then new! They are amazing and have giving our girl the courage to start walking!

Good gift for a baby shower

We bought 1 pair to try first of all, absolutely loved them so we bought a second! They are the best Baby Shower gift as well. It gives us great peace of mind knowing our baby's feet are safe

Great first shoes for toddlers

A very fast delivery time and the shoes are great, my little granddaughter struggled walking in shoes as she was a very early walker, we bought her theses shoes and he has no trouble walking in them, we have since bought her another pair.

awesome shoes

I love these shoes! My son can run around outside and not slip. The bottoms are sturdy and flexible. They're super easy to put on and take off when it's time. If they catch just right they do pop off but because they're so easy to put on I don't mind. The rubber bottoms curl up over the toes so your kiddos toes are safe from stubbing.

Would always recommend

So sweet! These are my daughter's first shoes with soles, not just soft bottoms. She took to them very easily. They are nice and adjustable, so they do have some growing room and open wide for an easy time to put on. I'll buy the next size up, since I know how well they work.

I love it

This is our THIRD pair of shoes because they are AWESOME!! We keep buying the next size up because these shoes are so easy to put on little squirmy toes! They offer flexibility in the sole that allows for easy wearing, the stretch of the fabric makes them a breeze to put on, and the lightweight fabric is perfect for warmer weather. I wouldn’t recommend wearing them in the cold or wet weather, but they are a favorite for us!


My baby had chubby feet and I had trouble finding shoes that were thick enough to fit. These shoes fit great! They are hard to get on at first but once you learn how to do it, it's fine. They are light weight making it easy for baby to pick up their feet and snug enough that the baby won't be able to pull them off on their own. I liked these so much I already ordered the next size up. The only issue was I had a hard time having my order processed with my bank, other than that I love it.

Only reason why im giving a 3 star is because i ordered a "happy cat" color but got the chocolate bear. however it still looked great and feels high quality.

Beautiful baby slippers, soft, good quality and very comfortable for them to start in their first steps and respectful to the foot. I'll keep buying

Very cute shoes very flexible and respectful baby foot co, very soft material and good quality, according to purchase

They're flexible but I found them harder than I thought.

Very big for 6 months but otherwise very good

Products same as description. Best models to start walking.